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Christmas lunch is served on weekdays 11.-22.12. at 11–14.

46€ / person

Green salad and sea buckthorn vinaigrette M,G
Beetroot and Aura Blue cheese creme L,G
Mushroom salad L,G
Smoked reindeer flatbread L,G
Red onion jam  M,G
Reindeer liver patee M,G
Salmon marinated in juniper M,G
”Jaloviina” mustard herring L,G
Smoked salmon paste and pickled fennel L,G
Marinated smoked pike and horseradish creme M,G
House’s malt bread L
Sourdough bread L
Seasoned butter L

Choose your main course (served to the table):
- Gently smoked salmon, celery and sea bucktorhn sauce L,G
- Glazed reindeer neck, celery and dark cranberry sauce L,G

Selection of cheeses, crispbread and jam L,G
Cranberry creme, white chocolate and almond G