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Christmas lunch is served weekdays 9.-20.12.2024 at 11–14.
Price: 47€ per person

Starters Buffet

Green salad with roasted pumpkin seeds and sea buckthorn vinaigrette M, G, VEG
Gallá's fingerling potato salad L, G, VEG
Wild mushroom salad L, G
Roasted jerusalem artichoke with kale pesto L, G
Smoked reindeer Caesar salad L, G
Juniper marinated whitefish with malt bread croutons L
Smoked salmon with horseradish L, G
Arctic shrimp with cloudberry mayonnaise M, G
Reindeer liver mousse, pickled apple and cranberry L, G
Beef pastrami, celery and spruce shoot cream L, G
Gallá's bread selection and seasoned butter L (G)

Main Course (Choose one in advance):

- Lightly smoked Arctic char, celery, and crab Hollandaise L, G
- Reindeer roast beef, fingerling potato foam, savoy cabbage and dark porcini mushroom sauce L, G

Desserts Buffet

Finnish cheeses, rye crispbread and jam L, G
Sea buckthorn cream and licorice L, G
Almond cake and lingonberries L, G

Enjoy your Christmas lunch!