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Christmas party


Christmas parties at our restaurant are filled with magical atmosphere, warm togetherness, and stunning taste experiences.

Christmas lunch is available weekdays on 9.–20.12.2024 at 11–14. Read more >



Green salad with roasted pumpkin seeds and lingonberry vinaigrette VEG, M, G
Apple and celery salad with roasted nuts VEG, M, G
Gallá's fingerling potato salad VEG, M, G
Wild mushroom salad with spruce tips L, G
Pickled red onions VEG, M, G
Myrtle pickled cucumbers VEG, M, G
Smoked salmon 'Röra' with horseradish L, G
Roe spread with Tornio wild herb crispbread L, G
Smoked vendace and pickled fennel M, G
Reindeer liver mousse with cranberry jam M, G
Malt bread and seasoned butter L

Main Courses:

Braised reindeer shank with dark lingonberry sauce L, G
Roasted pike perch with Sandefjord sauce L, G
Gallá's beetroot falafels with mushroom sauce VEG, M, G
Fingerling potato terrine L, G (VEG)
Savoy cabbage and shiitake mushrooms VEG, M, G

Cheese: Finnish cheeses, rye crispbread, and jam L, G

Dessert: Sea buckthorn cream, licorice, and lingonberries L, G


Price: 69€ per person
Menu prepared for a minimum of 20 people per group


Västerbotten cheese and vendace roe L, G

Choose one of the following main course options in advance:
-Reindeer sirloin and glazed tongue, fingerling potatoes and porcini mushrooms L, G
-Braised Arctic char, potato croquette and king crab sauce L, G
-Gallá's mushroom steak, roasted celery and mushroom sauce VEG

Bread cheese cake, sea buckthorn sorbet and cloudberry liqueur caramel L, G


62€ per person, recommended wine package with 3 glasses €35 per person
Menu prepared for a minimum of 8 people per group

Additionally, Gallá's Christmas lunch is available 9.–20.12.2024 at 11–14.
Price: 47€ per person. Ask for more details!