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Christmas Eve dinner


Green salad and spruce sprout vinaigrette
Apple and celery salad and caramelised nuts
Beetroot, goat’s cheese and rocket
Prawn Skagen
Caesar salad with smoked reindeer
Mushroom salad
Whitefish marinated in juniper
Herring caviar
Smoked vendace
Dry-cured salmon and sour cream with dill
Reindeer liver patee
Roast beef and horseradish

Ham and cognac mustard
Carrot casserole and swede casserole
Smoked salmon and dill butter sauce
Sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes

Bread buffet

Apple crumble and vanilla sauce
Rice pudding and raspberry
Cheeses and jam


65 € / person
Youngsters (11–15 years) 29 € / person
Children up to 10 years 1 € / year of age